“Very skilled and knowledgeable with acupuncture ,herbal medicines and other treatment approaches.Very caring practitioner who will listen to your concerns and try to develop the best approach to treatment.Able to address pain issues. I would highly recommend her.”
Mark K., Santa Cruz, CA

“Fengli lan is an amazing acupunturist/ Chinese md.. I have been bringing my 12 year old daughter to her for a while now, and her treatments have been extremely effective on her hand injury. The pain went away and swelling gone. She is very knowledgeable, and has a gentle loving approach. We enjoy our sessions, as I too, have an injured finger due to a dog bite which has left my finger unable to flex and close all the way. Her treatments work well and her prices are fair! We highly recommend her.”
Starr K., Brookdale, CA

“After several attempts with western medicine to resolve a knee and ankle issues I gave up. Then met Feng Li Lan. What a savior!! I can not say enough good about her. She not only helped me solve my original issues but is helping me with several others. I find her professional / courteous / and compassionate. If you are fed up with the western approach of medicine (drugs). Then she is the one for you. I do not know what I would do without her.”
Brian Beatham, Scotts Valley, CA

“Fengli Lan, Thank you for your gift of healing hands. Your gift has helped my mum with the function of her hand.
Ever so grateful!”
Daughter, Teresa

Definitely the most professional doctor in this field in the overall Santa Cruz county. I had the best experience under her treatment plan. Highly recommended and extremely reliable.

Wilson, L., Northfield, MN

Dr. Fengli Lan is the best acupuncturist I’ve ever seen. She is so knowledgeable, caring, and really knows intuitively what points to treat. My 3 year old loves seeing her, and even recently tried the needles for the first time for an injury- which she said felt completely better after treatment. I had serious nerve pain in my low back which has not been bothering me after treatment. I’m so glad we found Fengli.

Mary Ehlers

Dr. Fengli Lan provided me with exceptional care. I was able to schedule an appointment quickly and she was willing to make time for me in her schedule. She was thorough with her care and provided quality service. I would highly recommend her as she resolved my stomach discomfort within my first appointment.

Philip Ye

Fengli Lan provides excellent , high quality care. Highly recommend . Very kind, knowledgeable and reasonable prices. She really loves people and her treatments are very effective. Our family appreciates her 🙂

Starr White

Fengli Lan provides excellent , high quality care. Highly recommend . Very kind, knowledgeable and reasonable prices. She really loves people and her treatments are very effective. Our family appreciates her 🙂

Starr White

My family has been a patient of Fengli Lan. She provides exceptional quality care and is absolutely caring and knowledgeable about her treatments. My daughter is 12, and has a injury to her wrist. After only 3 treatments, the pain is gone and swelling down. She no longer complains of any pain! She is a high quality professional md . My daughter and I love the whole experience when we visit her. Thank you Fengli 🙂



I would like to recommend Lan Fengli, PhD in Medicine, who excels in Chinese acupuncture.


Dr. Lan Fengli has a lot of special expertise, but the area that impressed me most is about her skill to use acupuncture to help patients to lose weight, reduce facial wrinkles, achieve facial beauty effects, treat gastrointestinal flatulence, constipation, and arthritic joint pain.


I am a California registered nurse with more than 30 years of experience. I studied Western medicine, but I am also interested in Chinese medicine acupoints and Chinese herbal medicines.


As a patient who has been treated by Dr. Lan, I am very grateful to Dr. Lan for serving the community with her excellent technology.


If you are looking for an excellent  acupuncturist, then Dr. Lan Fengli will definitely be your best choice for treatment!

Jenny Jih RN California

Dedicated to Fengli Lan
A Poem for Fengli Lan, from her client, Charles White


Moving with the grace
of a regal white swan, 
Quan Yin’s younger sister
inserts a needle here
presses a meridian there
Her hands telescope 
impressions to her mind,
as she corrects inner imbalances
with intuitive fingers
pressure that never lingers
Her intelligent eyes
probe for what
lies unsaid,
toes turning red,
residues on tongue,
bruises on lung
Patiently she sets bones
with a flick of her wrist,
never a symptom does she miss
Quan Yin in a white coat
gentle, loving, never remote.

July 26, 2018

Charles White

“Fengli is currently treating me for heart arrhythmia and anxiety. Her treatments helped me from the first week I started. I am less anxious, the heart is calmer and I sleep better. My energy improved as well. Fengli is very caring, compassionate, very attentive and generous with her treatments.

A truly excellent practitioner. I highly recommend her! “

Adriana I., Santa Cruz

“Dr. Fengli Lan is amazing! For ten years I have sought acupuncture treatments for recovery from myelitis, an overnight paralysis that has left me with walking weakness. I found Fengli Lan six months ago, a true gem for recovery. Fengli is incredibly competent, professional, effective, compassionate and more than willing to offer the many varieties of treatment that she has been so highly trained for, with the result that I am stronger and more energized, seeking her excellent professional care each week.”

Marjorie H., San Francisco

As scheduling conflicts became an issue with my previous acupuncturist who I just loved, I was skeptical to try someone new, unsure as to how they would compare. Fengli came highly recommended and I was impressed that she was the author of many Chinese medicine books and was a professor at Five Branches University. I gave her a try and was NOT disappointed. Fengli is definitely a master of Chinese medicine/acupuncture! You can see and feel her confidence and vast knowledge during your treatment. I have sought treatment from her for stress management, back/neck/shoulder pain, female issues, digestion issues and facial rejuvenation. Each treatment I’ve received provided great improvement to my issue addressed. She is very caring and a good listener as well. She makes you feel safe and in good hands. Her cupping treatment/running cups feels amazing…like a fabulous deep tissue back massage. After a facial rejuvenation treatment I got home and my husband kept looking at me asking what was different! There was obvious firming and less puffiness after just 1 treatment. I trust Fengli very much and feel thankful and fortunate to have her as an asset to my healthcare team. I would highly recommend her…You won’t be disappointed!” 

Amber H.

I am a traditional physician but have been treated by and worked with several accupunturists in the past 30 years. Dr.Lan is the best I have known.
Highly educated with PhD beyond the License of accupuncture LAc, she has published scholarly research and is very experienced particularly with neurologic disorders. In my case, she has been successful in treating my previously bothersome tinnitus.
I recommend her to my patients for a wide variety of problems.

David R.